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J             ournal                        of the                OMNES  AB  OMNIBUS  DISCAMUS  ASGBI

                                                                                                        Association of Surgeons of
                                              Association of Surgeons of
                                                                                                          Great Britain and Ireland

                                                                            Number 52, Summer 2018
 w                                             Great Britain and Ireland

        A Message from the President                          sessions hosted by our sister
                                                              Specialty Associations (ABS,
        Professor Rowan Parks                                 ACP, ALS, ASiT, AUGIS,
        Moving into the last 6 months as President of the     BAETS and BHS). I am also
        Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland,   indebted to a number of
        it is a great opportunity for me to reflect on some   our international delegates
        of the activities over recent months. A highlight has   who contributed to the
        undoubtedly been the successful annual Congress       programme.  The ASGBI
        in Liverpool. The quality of the Scientific Programme   International Development
        was outstanding and the Keynote plenary lectures      Committee put together another
        were exceptional.   We were delighted that Sir Kenny   excellent session and our trademark symposia on
        Dalglish could attend to welcome everyone to          Emergency General Surgical provision and “A Bad Day
        Liverpool.  His address was fitting for the theme of   on Call” were again hugely relevant and educational.
        Surgical Teams.  Kenny has strong links with Liverpool   A new Trauma symposia also proved exceptionally
        hospitals through the Marina Dalglish Appeal and      popular with attendees.  The BJS hosted a really
        praised the work and commitment of the teams of staff   valuable workshop and competition for the various
        he has encountered there.                             prizes on offer was to a very high standard. Feedback
                                                              on the meeting has been very encouraging and gives
        Our motivational lecturer, Dr Alistair Sutcliffe gave an   us a real platform to build on for Telford 2018. Not
        exceptional address on the challenges of Team Work    only was the scientific content well received, but we
        at the Top of the World, sharing the lessons he learnt   had an extremely enjoyable gala dinner at Liverpool
        from climbing the highest peaks on each of the seven   Football Club.
        continents of the world.  His insights into teamwork
        gave us valuable lessons that can be transferred to   In this edition of the journal, I am delighted that two
        our daily working lives.  I’d recommend all read his   of our keynote speakers (Professor Bruce Ramshaw
        book ‘The Hardest Climb’.                             and Mr Craig McIlhenny) have provided articles on
                                                              the topics of their contributions at the congress. As in
        Our BJS Travelling Fellow, Professor Bruce            previous years, many of the presentations during the
        Ramshaw from the USA, gave a fascinating lecture      congress were recorded and will be available in due
        on Healthcare Systems and implementing a multi-       course on our website for ASGBI members.
        disciplinary patient-centred team to improve surgical
        outcomes.  We also benefited from his input to the    The International Surgical Congress is clearly only
        Surgical Teams Symposium and providing a Hernia       one event in the calendar of ASGBI activity and the
        Education Update lecture.  During his trip to the UK,   Executive Board and staff have been very busy with
        Bruce was also able to spend time with colleagues in   many other initiatives over the past few months.
        Edinburgh and Manchester.                             Emergency General Surgery continues to be a
                                                              significant area of activity.  ASGBI sees this as a real
        We had four truly outstanding eponymous College       focus of our efforts and activity.
        lectures, really well attended symposia and education

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